Troy Our Greatest Story Retold【電子書籍】[ Stephen Fry ]

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<p><strong>AN EPIC BATTLE THAT LASTED TEN YEARS. A LEGENDARY STORY THAT HAS SURVIVED THOUSANDS.</strong></p> <p><strong>'An inimitable retelling of the siege of Troy . . . Fry's narrative, artfully humorous and rich in detail, breathes life and contemporary relevance into these ancient tales'</strong> <em>OBSERVER</em></p> <p><strong>'Stephen Fry has done it again. Well written and super storytelling'</strong> 5***** READER REVIEW<br /> ________</p> <p><em><strong>'Troy. The most marvellous kingdom in all the world. The Jewel of the Aegean. Glittering Ilion, the city that rose and fell not once but twice . . .'</strong></em></p> <p>When Helen, the beautiful Greek queen, is kidnapped by the Trojan prince Paris, the most legendary war of all time begins.</p> <p>Watch in awe as a thousand ships are launched against the great city of Troy.</p> <p>Feel the fury of the battleground as the Trojans stand resolutely against Greek might for an entire decade.</p> <p>And witness the epic climax - the wooden horse, delivered to the city of Troy in a masterclass of deception by the Greeks . . .</p> <p><strong>In Stephen Fry's exceptional retelling of our greatest story, <em>TROY</em> will transport you to the depths of ancient Greece and beyond.</strong><br /> ________</p> <p><strong>'A fun romp through the world's greatest story. Fry's knowledge of the world - ancient and modern - bursts through'</strong> <em>Daily</em> <em>Telegraph</em></p> <p><strong>'An excellent retelling . . . told with compassion and wit'</strong> 5***** Reader Review</p> <p><strong>'Hugely successful, graceful'</strong> <em>The Times</em></p> <p><strong>'If you want to read about TROY, this book is a must over any other'</strong> 5***** Reader Review</p> <p><strong>'Fluent, crisp, nuanced, begins with a bang'</strong> <em>The Times Literary Supplement</em></p> <p><strong>'The characters . . . are brilliantly brought to life'</strong> 5***** Reader Review</p> <p><strong>PRAISE FOR STEPHEN FRY'S GREEK SERIES:</strong></p> <p><strong>'A romp through the lives of ancient Greek gods. Fry is at his story-telling best . . . the gods will be pleased'</strong> <em>Times</em></p> <p><strong>'A head-spinning marathon of legends'</strong> <em>Guardian</em></p> <p><strong>'An Olympian feat. The gods seem to be smiling on Fry - his myths are definitely a hit'</strong> <em>Evening Standard</em></p> <p><strong>'An odyssey through Greek mythology. Brilliant . . . all hail Stephen Fry'</strong> <em>Daily Mail</em></p> <p><strong>'A rollicking good read'</strong> <em>Independent</em></p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。 ※ご購入は、楽天kobo商品ページからお願いします。※切り替わらない場合は、こちら をクリックして下さい。 ※このページからは注文できません。